101 of the Worst Dating Mistakes Single Women Make

Change Your Attitudes and Behaviors To Become a Winner in the Game of Love!

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The dating book that will revolutionize your dating success

This book asks pointed questions about your beliefs and behaviors. Do you find yourself worrying about "where this is going" on the first date? Or do you always meet guys that think a date is coming over? Do you believe men of other races are automatically better? Read on!

Awesome Dating Advice

Do not be fooled by his good looks – learn how to vet his attitudes, interests, personality, and intentions to determine compatibility before you waste your time.

Become a Power Dater

Stop working so hard trying to figure out how to make men want you. Make your dating experiences go a lot more smoothly and a whole lot more easily.

Think That Succeeding at Dating is Hard? Not So!

I know from speaking with single women just like you that finding and keeping the interest of a quality man for more than a few dates can be a real struggle. But if you’re willing to invest a little energy in learning something new, I will show you how to save time, effort, heartbreak, money, and at the same time put you on the fast lane to dating success all by using the information in this dating guide for women. In order to allow you to get the most out of the information, 101 Dating Mistakes Single Women Make has been designed carefully with regards to its ease of usage. Instead of having to waste time learning what to do all at once, or pondering over what it all means, you can jump right in and immediately start applying information to your key problem areas, seeing the results that you want right away! From social researcher and veteran dating expert Deborrah Cooper, a PROVEN way that women can quickly and easily screen men. Learn how to eliminate time wasting relationships almost instantly, and develop rich, rewarding relationships without changing who you are. You don't need to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, plastic surgery, or your hair and makeup. With this book you will learn how to observe male behaviors, ask the right questions, and determine each man's true rightness for you.